Commercial Legal Expenses - £1 Million

Commercial Legal Expenses - £1 Million

Commercial Legal Expenses Insurance - £1 million

Some important facts about the Commerical Legal Expenses policy are summarised below:

Section 1: Employment disputes

  • Representation costs incurred in defending an employment dispute, and the cost of a basic or compensatory award ordered to be paid by an employment tribunal following a dispute with an employee. Cover is subject to the insured contacting the telephone advice line from the outset of the dispute and following the advice given.

Section 2: Tax protection

Costs incurred in defending the insured in:

  • A HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) full enquiry in which the authorities request to examine all of the insured’s books and records;
  • A HMRC aspect enquiry in which the authorities do not request to examine all of the insured’s books and records but restrict their investigation to certain aspects of the insured’s tax affairs;
  • A PAYE dispute which arises following a compliance review by HMRC into the operation of PAYE; and,
  • A VAT dispute following a VAT visit undertaken by HMRC.

Section 3: Criminal prosecutions

  • Costs incurred defending legal proceedings in a Court of criminal jurisdiction in respect of any act or omission or alleged act or omission.

Section 4: Statutory licence protection

  • The cost of an appeal or representation to the relevant authority following an act or omission which leads to the removal of a statutory licence.

Section 5: Property disputes

  • The cost incurred in any dispute or legal proceedings, including those relating to the physical possession of the property, the terms of the insured’s tenancy regarding property use or maintenance, provided the insured will suffer financial loss if the defence or pursuit of the legal proceedings is not fulfilled.

Section 6: Data protection

  • Costs incurred defending civil proceedings for compensation under Section 13 of the Data Protection Act 1998, provided that the policyholder is already registered with the Data Protection Commissioner.

Section 7: Personal injury

  • Costs incurred in the pursuit of legal proceedings to recover damages for the death of or bodily injury to an insured person.

Section 8: Restrictive covenants

  • The cost of pursuit of legal proceedings against an employee or former employee of the insured who has breached restrictions contained within their written contract of employment.


For full terms and conditions of the policy please refer to the policy wording and key facts documents.



Price: £250.00

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