Key Cover

Key Cover

The Policy will cover:

  • This policy provides you with £1,500 worth of insurance cover in the event that any of your keys attached to the provided fob are lost, stolen or damaged. 
  • The main benefits are as follows:
  • Up to £1,500 annual cover for locksmith charges, new locks and keys, car hire and onward transport costs.
  • Up to three days car hire if you are stranded or your car is unusable as a result of lost, stolen or damaged keys.
  • Significant Exclusions:
  • The insurer will not be liable for:
  • The insurer will not be liable for:
  • Loss or damage to keys that are not attached to the fob issued to you by your insurance broker;
  • Costs in excess of £1,500 in the aggregate in any one period of insurance;
  • Sums claimed where you fail to provide receipts or invoices for payments you have made;
  • Insured keys lost or broken by, or stolen from, someone other than you;
  • Insured keys if there are duplicate keys available to you immediately or reasonably quickly;
  • Any claim reported to the administrator more than 30 days of the loss, theft or damage;
  • Locks which are damaged prior to the loss or theft of keys;
  • Sums exceeding £50.00 per incident in respect of any insured key locked inside property or broken in lock or ignition;
  • Charges for hire vehicles with engine capacity in excess of 1600cc;
  • The balance of vehicle hire charges over £40.00 per day;
  • Vehicle hire charges after the third day of hire;
  • Charges or costs incurred where you make alternative arrangements with a third party once the administrator has arranged for a locksmith or other tradesman, agent or representative to attend a particular location;
  • loss or theft of, or damage to an insured key which occurs outside the period of insurance;
  • claims arising as a result of your failure to take all reasonable steps to safeguard an insured key.




Price: £36.00

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