Gold Protection

Gold Protection

Gold Legal Expenses - Family Cover:

Some important facts about the Gold Legal Expenses policy are summarised below:

  • Consumer Contract Disputes - Disputes arising out of a contract for the purchase or hire of goods or services for private use or the sale or supply for privately owned goods.
  • Domestic Property Protection - A third party's alleged or actual negligent act or omission, nuisance, trespass or criminal damage relating to your material property (including your home but not any other buildings or land) which causes or could cause physical damage or pecuniary loss. Infringement of your legal rights originating from the ownership of your home. A contract in your name and relating to your home for construction, conversion or extension, sale or purchase including the leasehold and rental. The landlord's failure to maintain your home.
  • Employment Disputes - Disputes arising from or relating to an insured person's contract of employment as an employee.
  • Professional Negligence - Disputes with solicitors, accountants and surveyors arising out of an agreement entered into by the insured person after the inception of the first period of insurance. Actual or alleged negligent advice, error and or omission where the date of occurrence is after the inception of the first period of insurance.
  • Legal Defence - The defence of any prosecution of an insured person in a criminal court arising out of the sale or supply of privately owned goods, civil action arising out of the insured person's work as an employee, under any legislation relating to racial, sex or disability discrimination, data protection or being a trustee of a pension fund set up for the benefit of the insured person's fellow employee
  • HM Revenue & Customs - An extensive investigation by HM Revenue & Customs into an insured person's tax affairs arising out of the insured person's work as an employee excluding enquiries limited to specific aspects of the self-assessment tax return.
  • Attendance Expenses - The actual loss of the salary or wages of an insured person for the time off work to attend any court or tribunal hearing at the request of the appointed representative or as a defendant of an admitted claim under the insurance
  • Personal Injury - The pursuit of legal proceedings to recover damages for death of or bodily injury sustained by an insured person as a result of a sudden or specific accident

Significant Exclusions:

The insurer will not be liable for:

  • any deliberate act by an insured person
  • disputes relating to agreements that you entered into prior to the inception date of this policy.
  • Boundary disputes which arise in the first 180 days of this insurance unless the policy has renewed at least once.
  • Claims where you are the landlord of the home or are leasing, sub-letting or renting-out all or any part of the premises for any purpose
  • claims relating to contracts for construction, conversion, extension, sale or purchase of your home that you entered into prior to the inception date of this policy
  • claims in respect of director's service contracts
  • disputes relating to agreements entered into or advice received prior to the inception date of this policy.
  • Investigations limited to specific aspects of the insured person's self-assessment tax return
  • investigations into a self-assessment tax return submitted in respect of any entity undertaking activities by way of business
  • Any salary or wages that are recoverable from the relevant court, tribunal or other party
  • clinical negligence or any illness naturally occurring condition or degenerative process, whcih develops gradually and is not caused by a specific sudden accident.
  • any consumer claim under £200
  • If successful and costs are recovered from an employment tribunal, the fees must be repaid to the insurer
  • disputes arising during the first 30 days of the first period of insurance
  • insured events reported more than 90 days after its time of occurrence
  • any claims outwith the period of insurance
  • claims made outwith the territorial limits
  • claims arising from circumstances which occurred prior to inception of this policy
  • causes of action intentionally brought about by you
  • any claim which in our opinion or the appointed representatives opinion is believed not to have reasonable prospects of achieving the result for which legal proceedings are contemplated

If unsure, please refer to the policy document for guidance.






Price: £85.00

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