Tools in Transit Insurance

Tools in Transit Insurance

The policy will cover:

  • Repair or Replacement of portable hand tools and power tools that are:
  • - Damaged
  • - Stolen
  • - Lost

Insured items are covered whilst being:

  • - Loaded onto
  • - Transported by
  • - Temporarily stored in, or
  • - Unloaded from the insured vehicle


  • Perfect for tradesmen who regularly carry tools in their vehicle, and rely on the tools to earn an income
  • Full UK network of approved suppliers with access to tens of thousands of product lines
  • Overnight storage of tools in the vehicle is permitted, subject to security conditions, which include the requirement that the vehicle is in a locked garage or compound or, as long as it is alarmed, on the insured’s driveway

Limit of Indemnity - £2500 (an excess of £100 applies on this policy)





Price: £65.00

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